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The Banana Convention

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A little bit of soul. A little bit of pop. A lot of rock. An over abundance of fun. That's what The Banana Convention brings to every one of their performances, and that's what keeps the people moving and having a great time all night long.

Up front is the extremely talented and equally as beautiful Mighty Afrodytee (Shar Molina). She belts out her lead vocals with the power and soul of the greatest R&B singers of all time. Her range and energetic performances keep the audience engaged in every syllable coming out of her mouth - and her good looks don't hurt, either.

Percussionist and vocalist Oily McBride shakes the meanest tamborine this side of Davy Jones, and his dance moves always keeps 'em entertained. Bassist "Groovy" Palm O'Poodertoot keeps the funky flow going while drummer Fletch Bohanski's punk-like beats create the high octane fuel that lifts the band off the ground. Ray Torres on guitar has been banned in several non-smoking establishments because his licks come so fast and furious that the guitar neck catches flame. And Trinidad Jones on trombone adds that little something extra most bands just can't find.

With a spectacular blend of carefully chosen cover songs mixed in with their driving and dynamic original tunes, The Banana Convention and their musical extravaganza will keep audiences of all ages engaged, dancing, and having a great time all night long. Feet will ache, hearts will pound, and bodys will sweat from the sheer exuberance and intoxication brought upon them by The Banana Convention

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