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Jung Hustle

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Brandyn Tyler Harris, 19 years of age. He was born and raised in Ridgeway, SC. He's a young up and coming rapper that goes by the name of, Denali - A.K.A - "Jung Hustle". Since Elementary School, him and his cousin use to listen to Master P, and after getting a Master P. CD from a friend, after listening to it each and every day, he became very inspired and discovered that his talents was to be a rapper. When He got to middle school him and two other guys were asked to write a rap about numbers. So they did that and ever since then they have been writing raps, making beats, and performing at a numerous amount of places.he will accomplished in this rap game 1 day soon, that his dream will come truth"Jung Hustle",going to be a famous rap star.street credibility is very hard for a young rapper to get thing going that why young cat need to be in school to learn alots about the bussiness side of the business.but "Jung Hustle"work hard with his career he does his,on production for his recording he a producer and writer tell me how many young rapper could do all that i say. around this time i try to grow me and audience for me,i do show around my way like school club and much more.sometime in life violence approach you but sometime you got to Pass on it if not you get caught up out here.i not here for that i got a family to take care life is harder then some people but my music save me for bad stuff."Jung Hustle"is no stranger to this music industry he being in the music since he was a younsta you heards.exclaims conclusively. "It just comes out in my lyrics." "Jung Hustle"is street-smart personality,and southern-bred attitude not that bad for a new artist.rhymes that capture southern south carolina swagger the newest member to "Grimes Music Group".

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