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JAY COHEN (DRUMS) - A recent transplant to Charlotte and a drummer since the age of 14, Jay has played all styles of music (growing up in South Florida) including hard rock with "Gypsy Queen", Top 40 with the "September's" house band and "Your Majesty", Irish music with "Fire in the Kitchen"... all some of the most popular bands in the area. Jay was also in the house band/jazz trio at "Charlie's Crab" restaurant, played big band music with the "Brass Cats", performed with the Drifters, Al DiMeola, Howard Hewitt and other name artists. Since moving to Charlotte, the majority of Jay's playing has been on Djembe with "The Merrows", an Irish trio, having performed at various clubs and events in the area including the Renaissance Faire as well as his own original recording project with a fellow South Florida transplant. MIKE ZINNA (GUITAR) - Mike's been playing since the age of ten, some 45 years; a professional musician since the age of 15. Basically a product of the great blues revival of the 60's until he was exposed to jazz and eventually wound up studying with the great Joe Monk in N.Y. thru the 70's and early 80's. Mike spent three years on the road in show & r&b bands and has played gigs at the Waldorf Astoria, Bitter End and all up and down the east coast and parts of the midwest. Mike played for 15 years with "Blues Therapy", a local blues, jazz and r&b band under Johnnie Riles and was a co-founder of the Jazz Survivors, which was and still is a well known straight ahead jazz group in the Ft. Lauderdale-Miami area. Mike has been living in the Charlotte area for a year, from South Florida, and has done stints in both jazz and blues at the Jazz Cafe, the Double Door and Pucketts. NEIL ALEXANDER (BASS) - On Neilís 12th birthday he received his first bass guitar. Soon after that, he entered the Fine Arts Center and studied jazz theory under Steve Watson. There, he became engrossed in jazz and also Jaco Pastorius. Later, he went on to Winthrop University where he studied with Tom Hildreth. Neil has performed with many of the regular jazz musicians in the Charlotte area. You can also find him playing with his other groups Capital Culture and Alexander & Poore.

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