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Rickie Lee Tanner

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At age 15 Rickie Lee Tanner began his dream of being a country singer, performing at opries in the Kansas City area, including the Kansas City Opry, Cass County Opry and The Big Creek Country Show.

By age 19 he had spent four years playing the opry circuit and working his way up to being a headlining guest, when the opportunity to front a band full-time presented itself. Rickie Lee got the job and helped propel Wild Ride to new heights, opening for national acts and touring the midwest as one of the Kansas City area's most successful country bands.

In 1998 Rickie parted ways with Wild Ride to spend more time with his baby daughter. For the next two years songwriting and learning to play guitar became Rickie's musical focal points. When he made the decision to begin performing again, he went back to his roots, back to the opry crowds that had first fostered his dreams of becoming a country singer.

In June of 2000 Rickie Lee entered the Country Showdown, a national contest for aspiring country singers to showcase their talents in hopes of winning national recognition and a large cash prize. Rickie Lee chose to enter using two of his original songs. He made it further in the contest than many of country music's biggest stars, which only strengthened his resolve that he was doing what he was meant to do.

At the beginning of 2001 Rickie Lee found himself with the chance to front a band again. Savannah was comprised of several veterans to the music scene, and offered a unique and solid sound that caught on very quickly. For nearly two years Savannah toured all over the country playing in huge dance clubs and state fairs. Rickie Lee further honed his skills as an entertainer week in and week out, establishing himself as one of the country's most eclectic showmen.

Following his time with Savannah Rickie formed the band Deuces Wild with friend and former Savannah member Chris Baker. Deuces Wild featured a higher energy sound and stage show that better suited Rickie Lee's style.

Rickie Lee parted ways with Deuces Wild when he chose to leave Kansas City to further pursue his career in the music business. In a tragic twist of fate Rickie Lee put his career on hold in September of 2003 following the death of his daughter. It was a truly difficult time for the Tanner family and Rickie had to keep his focus on family during their time of mourning.

Now Rickie Lee Tanner & Powder Keg have exploded on the scene! Their debut single "Highway to Nowhere" has achieved number ONE status on and the continued success of the song has earned them invitations to appear on the Nashville OnStage and Smart Country television programs in Nashville. With 3 more number one songs to their credit the guys continue to build a following for one of the hottest fastest rising unsigned acts in country music.

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