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Estas Tonne

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For last 7 years I have traveled hundreds of cities, full power performing and sharing the magic of music. Itís been a very intense spiritual journey of transformation, search and evolution.

Allowing Truth to manifest herself I was going through hard core life lessons that always were beneficial and rewarding.

Music became my teacher and a guide.

After 11 years of musical silence I picked the guitar once again. It was strange to rediscover an instrument from a totally different approach then classical. The way of improvisation in music manifested nomadic way of living, a constant change is the way everything works in this Universe.

From year to year improvisations formed in to solid compositions that still changing all the time as I do and as you do as well...

Intro's to the songs became independent stories and gave birth to many others... This is the way I have observed the change of the music I have been channeling for this last 7 years. Performing Live is always been the number one priority, but I do have some of the captured music to share with you all, please enjoy!

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