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Keli Raven

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KELI RAVEN. Founder, leader, guitarist/vocalist and the bands songwriter, has been a musician since age 3, when he began studying "drums" in his native New York City. Since then, he has added producing to his repertoire of talents. His ability as a guitarist both in and out of the studio has often been compared to that of the late trailblazer, Jimi Hendrix. Keli has worked with artists ranging from "newbies" to legends, recording and on stage here in the U S and abroad. The collaboration with the members of the band unleashes a sound and style that will linger like the stabbing sweet smell of honeysuckle. MARTIN BARRIOS. Bassist, native of San Fernando, California. Martin is enjoying his climb towards a successful musical career, as long as he can remember first picking up the bass. Martin, self-taught, always envisioned himself as a successful musician. Never once did he label himself, nor did his fellow musicians label him as just a "rock bassist". Listening to his artistry, you will hear a well-seasoned, solid bass man. Martin gained his experience playing with different local bands around Los Angeles, preparing himself to become a member of a group of musicians "headed for great things and a superfluous musical adventure". MONICA KANIOS RAVEN. Flautist and vocalist. Beauty, talent and commitment are what this musician brought with her from Poland. Her ventures here in the U S led her to recording studios throughout Los Angeles as a session player and backup vocalist. She has been a professional musician for the past 10 plus years. Teaming up with Keli Raven enables her to be creative while enjoying her fellow members' efforts in front of the audiences she will wrap around her fingers with the smooth, sultry yet energetic trappings of her flute. TICO GRIMALDI.... Percussionist came to California by way of Caracas and other US states. He has played drums since age eight, then studied at the L.A.Music Institute. worked with numerous bands in Los Angeles,( fond memories of "Invisible Poet Kings",and mentor like figure: Barry Kennan). A rhythmic musical heritage combined with a sincere love of music, has produced a drummer “for all seasons”. Some influences: Alex VanHalen, Bonham, Boon E Carlos Matt Furnette and Karl Palmer. The newest member of KELI RAVEN..Tico plays with the assuredness and confidence of someone working on solidifying their place in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. (Picture coming soon...) Discography: 5 Song EP... Keli Raven '4' (2005) Single: Bad Boyz 4 Life.. Featuring-- Lemmy Kilmister (2007) Full Length CD Keli Raven (2007) Seasonal: A Raven Christmas

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