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The original Seguida group was founded by a group of New York musicians whose ancestry was of Puerto Rican heritage. They were brought up in the urban South Bronx barrios where musical influences were a mixed bag.It was only natural therefore, that when they decided to form a group, the results would be a mix of all the musical influences they had internalized in their formative years.Early InfluenceWhen Carlos Santana’s smash hit interpretation of Tito Puente’s “Oye Como Va”, was released, it proved to be a driving force for these young New Yorican musicos. They formed two groups, one called "Latin Soul Inc." with Angel Nater, Pete Nater and Eddie Montalvo, and the other called "Devoshun" with Steve Adorno, Lou Perez, Carlos "Go-Go" Gomez and Lori Rose. Both groups played at local high school dances, parties and street fairs. "Devoshun" and "Latin Soul Inc.’s" repertoire included the local AM radio station’s hits of the era, with the added twist of integrating Latin Funk standards by Ray Barretto, Joe Bataan and Willie Colon. The concept was taken a step further with the addition of a dual trumpet, dual brass sections that would be reminiscent of the conjunto sound…a style of orchestration which has deep roots in the New York Latin music scene. Under the musical direction of Randy Ortiz, the band leadership of percussionist Angel Nater Jr., and guitarist Louie Perez, Seguida began to refine its sound.The sound grew to be the New York hybrid of Rock and Salsa!The group received much attention and soon became the opening act for Salsa luminaries such as Willie Colon, Larry Harlow, Ray Barretto and Eddie Palmieri. This exposure soon led to a recording contract with the reigning giant of the Salsa industry, Fania Records. Their debut album, "Love Is…Seguida" was released in 1974 and was well received by both the Salsa and Rock media in New York and Puerto Rico. The New York Newspaper "THE VILLAGE VOICE" Called SEGUIDA "THE SON'S OF SANTANA". The album scored a hit with “Mambo Rock”, a scorching mambo that received a great deal of exposure on both Rock and Salsa radio stations. The song became the theme for The Izzy Sanabria "Salsa" TV Show that featured Seguida as its house band. This led to an invitation to open the now legendary "Fania All-Stars" concert at Yankee Stadium, which ended in crowd pandemonium during Ray Barretto's and Mongo Santamaria’s infamous conga duel.Seguida invites you to share their musical vision, and journey from the past into the future. Seguida's music is categorized as Latin Soul, The group blends the spicy and sensuous sounds of SALSA, the inventiveness of JAZZ, the melodic line of SOUL MUSIC, and the hard driving power of ROCK & ROLL.

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