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Vibhas - Native Flutes, Soprano Sax and Piano

To book artists and talent such as Vibhas - Native Flutes, Soprano Sax and Piano for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
Vibhas is a multi-instrumentalist who has created a unique style of music. Classical training in Germany in piano and flute, studies in Latin percussion and soprano saxophone, and many years playing Native flutes in India and America have all been influential in creating the original sound he plays today. His travels around the world brought him to Sedona, Arizona where he was introduced to the haunting sound of the Navajo Indian flutes. Playing them to a background of Jazz harmonies and Latin rhythms creates a trance-like atmosphere of relaxation and well being.

Vibhas strength is versatility. He plays his original piano solos with a classical touch, his fingers running over the keys like a soft cool breeze in summer. With the keyboard accompaniment, Vibhas is free to play haunting melodies on the Indian flutes, or smooth jazz arrangements with the soprano sax.

Vibhas is available to play for dinner parties, weddings, and special events.

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