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Tafoya's Lost Boyzz

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Instrumentation Michael Tafoya - Guitar, Lead and Background vocals Chris McCoy - Drums, Lead and Background Vocals Erik Osland - Bass, Lead and Background Vocals

Biography Mike Tafoya has been a loud, raw and completely original part of the Chicago and national music scene for more than thirty years. He first made a name for himself in the mid-70s as the explosive lead guitarist for Epic recording artists, The Boyzz (from Illinoizz). After the release of "Too Wild to Tame" and a five-year run that included national tours with acts like Aerosmith, Rush and REO Speedwagon, Mike left The Boyzz and in 1982 landed yet another Epic recording contract with his new band, The B'zz (with Steve Riley of W.A.S.P. and LA Guns). Throughout the 80s and 90s, Mike continued to play, record and tour across Illinois and the nation with bands like Tafoya (with Boyzz guitarist Gil Pini) and Raw Dogs (with B'zz singer Tommy Holland). Then through open mic jams, he met drummer Chris McCoy and bassist Erik Osland in 2002 and a new band with a new yet classic sound was formed. There's no denying the echoes of Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Doors, Audio Slave, Rush, hard core blues and even The Boyzz in The Lost Boyzz sound. But from the soul of Classic Rock, The Lost Boyzz have managed forged a completely new and innovative sound. Whether it's the uplifting title track, "Life," the heavily distorted "Hammerhead," the bluesy "Over Now," or the more melodic "Sturgis," Mike has finally found a platform to showcase his blistering yet soulful guitar work, which is not to dismiss the rest of the band. They work together as the ultimate power trio, complete with layers of vocal harmonies that seem so effortless they will likely go under-appreciated. Chris and Erik provide a rock solid foundation, and then Mike's guitar screams, rants, sears or soars and wherever it goes, you go with it. "We're a three-piece band," says Mike, "but we can make it sound like six."

Mike reunited with his old friend and former Boyzz bassist Dave Angel to co-produce the band's first CD and with the release of LIFE (2007 Rave Song Records) we finally hear the sound Mike has been chasing and creating for more than three decades. And as good as the CD is, it's even better to hear the band play it live and the bigger the venue the better. The title track in particular needs plenty of room to expand.

Tafoya's Lost Boyzz are pioneering a new genre that can only be described as New Classic Rock. The music brings back memories even when it's being heard for the first time and re-connects true music fans with the reasons why they came to love Rock 'N Roll.

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