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Exit 13

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MyGen Profile Generator The story of Exit 13 begins over 12 years ago with brothers Joseph and Michael Gallagher. Early on the brothers recognized their innate talents for creating music, both as a team and individually. It started as a joke, taking old songs and changing the lyrics to create something new and amusing. But it wasn’t long until these jokes gave way to a greater desire. The brothers wanted to explore their talents further and push their musical passion in new directions. Joe began writing, singing and playing the guitar, while Michael took to the drums. The two spent years searching for their separate musical identities, meanwhile gaining influences from rock, folk, blues, reggae, and hip-hop. Eventually they came together with something that felt unique and true. With the additions of bassist David Hurd and lead guitarist William Liberty, the vision that was Exit 13, finally became a reality. Exit 13 brings a combination of raw emotion, musical intuition, natural chemistry, and soul-shaking lyrics to a world of overly-manufactured music. Fans and critics have come to appreciate the unadulterated realness that these four put forward in every song; from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Simply put, these boys rock. So get off on Exit 13 and come along for the ride.

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