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Sons of Oregon

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Skip Bessonette has spent most of his life in the great Northwest. He was born in Medford and raised in Ashland, Oregon, but spent many summers working on his Grandfather's ranch in Washington. Skip developed his beautiful baritone voice by singing in bands starting in Junior High School and since then he has sung many kinds of music including rock, country, show tunes, sacred and western. He has performed as a single entertainer for many years to enthusiastic crowds all over the West. This singer/songwriter never fails to please audiences when singing about miners, cowboys, or just songs of our great land and the people living here. He is truly a master at relating Western Folk music of our times and days of yore. Skip can be heard regularly singing the Gospel at churches in our valley as well as leading the performances of the Sons of Oregon.ick Arens who is affectionately known as "The Rickster" has been living in Oregon most of his life. He has played the bass guitar since he was a little buckaroo having performed with Bing Crosby, Roger Miller, Bobby Gentry to name a few. Rick has been in electronic repair and sales for a number of years and now enjoys welcoming folks to the Rogue Valley. Rick is a new grandfather and this is a joyful exciting time for him and his only daughter Donna. You'll find Rick, most days, hanging around with his good friend Patricia, hamming it up on his ham radio and making great sounds with his golden bass guitar. You will have an opportunity to hear Rick, when he joins his long time friend Skip, in concert with the Sons of Oregon.

Glen Ward is new to the Sons, but hardly new to the entertainment world. He played music with Skip back in the good ole days of our youth, pre- Beatles and Woodstock. This could age us, but not in heart or the love of the West. Glen brings with him a rich musical background, including some really West music from Hawaii. He has a rich baritone/tenor voice which should blend nicely in the group. He will be playing the 12 and 6 string guitars and possibly a little mandolin on the side. Welcome Glen to our concerts and recordings with the Sons of Oregon.

Syd Ainsworth is our newest member and hails from the big island of Hawaii and Ashland, Oregon. Syd also played music with Skip and Glen back in the 1960's. What fun it is to have him performing with us again. It's like old home week when he is able to play music and buddy around with us. Syd does spend part time in his wife's home of Hawaii (we are all jealous, of course). We get him in the summer time and feel lucky! Syd is such a talent. He plays almost any instrument you can place in front of him, having been a High School music teacher until his retirement. Most of the time he plays lead guitar, synthesizer keyboard and flute. Syd is also a gifted harmony, lead singer and song writer. Welcome Syd to our concerts and recordings with the Sons of Oregon.


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