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Bob Circosta

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Decades ago – before eBay, the Home Shopping Network, and QVC joined our everyday lexicon – consumers actually shopped in stores. Nobody could even contemplate shopping for the holidays without weaving through endless lines of bumper-to-bumper traffic, just to spar with strangers over this year’s “must-have” Christmas gifts.

And then came Bob Circosta.

Forever changing the purchasing habits of the American public, Bob Circosta helped invent an entirely new industry: home shopping and electronic retailing. And now? Between eBay, home shopping channels, and infomercials, the electronic retailing industry rakes in over 30 billion dollars annually. That number surpasses the yearly revenues for McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s… combined.

It all began back in 1977; AM radio talk-show host Bob Circosta was asked to sell avocado-green-colored can openers live on the air by station owner Bud Paxson when an advertiser traded 112 units of product in lieu of money. Hesitant at first, Circosta reluctantly obliged – and the audience reaction was nothing short of phenomenal. Within the hour, Circosta’s listeners purchased every last can opener left in the studio.

Circosta and his colleagues quickly realized that they were on the verge of something very, very special. Paxson then founded a local home shopping cable station, and later launched nationwide with the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Bob Circosta was their first ever host – and he proceeded to shatter preexisting sales records with remarkable regularity.

Personally extolling the virtues of over 75,000 different products and netting over 20,000 hours of live, on-air TV selling, Circosta achieved individual product sales in excess of ONE BILLION DOLLARS – earning him the title of “The Billion Dollar Man.” Nearly 30 years since first selling those avocado-green can openers, Circosta continues to dazzle the public as a welcomed fixture on HSN, introducing countless new products to an ever-growing audience of 20 million different people each and every month.

Today, as the world’s leading authority on home shopping, Circosta’s expertise in developing, selling, marketing, and promoting new products is unparalleled. At his deluxe studios in Clearwater, Florida, he conducts the world’s only training program specifically tailored for home shopping and electronic retailing, where all kinds of everyday citizens, budding businessmen, and globally-acclaimed celebrities – including such luminaries as Ed McMahon and Vanna White – turn to Circosta to learn from the master.

How successful is this training program? Over just the past four years, Circosta’s top 100 clients have generated sales in excess of half-a-billion dollars.

Home shopping and electronic retailing are big, big business. Bob Circosta helped make it all happen. And now, “The Billion Dollar Man” wants to share his billion dollar secrets with you!

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