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Chad Rager Grove

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Chad Rager grew up listening to horn bands and drums. From school jazz bands to the Big Bands of Benny Goodman; Count Basie; Woody Herman; Buddy Rich's Big Band; and horn bands like Tower of Power; Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Chicago; the power and sound of horns coupled with the craftmanship of a great drum sounds fueled his dreams.

In 1993, Chad began his journey to fulfilling his musical dreams by starting a big band. Chad decided to try a new approach with a sleeker, scaled-down instrumentation. With five horns and a three piece rhythm section, Rager was able to accomplish his musical goals and, at the same time, create a new sound.

Naming the band the "Chad Rager Groove"reflected the fact that this band is not confined to traditional big band jazz selections, but ventures out into rock and funk selections as well. The guiding principal of the band is "the groove", smooth tasteful sounds that appeals to listeners are what will greet their ears.

Chad Rager and his band bring a fresh groove to old and new arrangements. When considering a song, Chad wonders, ". . .what I can bring to this tune to lift it, drive it, and make it as musically great as possible. Every song selected has affected me in a musical and personal way. I feel blessed to be able to perform them!"

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