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Who Cares

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It's nearly impossible to explain the relationship between men when the only reason you're all friends is your obsession with the sickness that surrounds graffiti, and the love and hate relationship with your youth. The only thing that makes sense is music. It's the color blue winding through your body as you nearly collapse from the sweeping feeling. It's every time you ran away for the weekend and forgot about everything except her. It's everything that ever makes you feel like you've been here before, but can't remember when or why. It's all I've ever had or ever wanted. That's what makes our music sound the way it does. We were raised in the time of the cold war, terrified by the threats on television. We escaped through war drenched forests of Contra, star ship crashes in Gradius, and half pipe sessions in Skate or Die 2. Painfully american by birth. Whole heartedly defiant by design. Lost in day dreams as we age together.

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