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The band that would eventually come to be known as Cuesta Drive formed in January of 2003, when three former classmates, Dane Drewis, Tim Diedesch and Mike Camilleri, students at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, California, combined their penchant for melodic expression and began developing it into a refreshing sound.

During the summer of 2003, under the short-lived name "Dubious Ruffians", the band released a five-track EP while gigging throughout the Central CA coast. This first recording paved the way for new venues and gave fans an opportunity to share their favorite new band.

In 2005 the trio moved to the outlying suburbs of Sacramento. In collaboration with a drummer, they began to establish and refine their sound, founded upon crisp vocal harmonies, precise guitar work, and a solid rhythm section. Drewis and Camilleri began work on new original pieces, and with the help of Diedesch, molded them into distinct and versatile songs that take their cues from the rock, blues, and soul music of the 60's and 70's. Vocally, they looked to the harmonies and melodic styling of the Motown era. While other aspects were largely influenced by the lead guitar work of prodigies like Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmy Page.

Their first full-length album, Where the Palm Trees Grow, was released in June of 2005. Sold-out record release parties in San Luis Obispo and Sacramento packed the clubs and shattered previous bar sales, foreshadowing Cuesta Drive's ever increasing ability to make "money makers" shake and rock the house.

Today, the band is joined by skilled drummer Nathan Calabrese. They continue to tour all over California and the West Coast, while currently working on a new CD, due for release in early 2007.

Cuesta Drive's live shows and onstage chemistry will undoubtedly win over audiences of all tastes. While gaining fans at an incredible rate, and being touted as "a breath of fresh air in today's clouded music industry," the boys prove that whether you're into classic rock'n'roll, funk, blues, r &b, soul or reggae, Cuesta Drive is sure to impress.

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