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It doesn't take more than 15 minutes of conversation with this 21 year old rap artist to sense the passion for his work. Writing since the age of 9, he understands the importance and focus on creating great music. His passion for music has driven him to learn all aspects of the industry. Over the years, not only has he written and recorded hundreds of songs but, for a period of time he was producing his own music, wrote lyrics for R&B artists, learned the art of graphic & web design to market himself, and served as a mentor to other fellow local artists. His undying love for music has grown to remarkable heights allowing many to watch him flourish into a versatyle and charasmatic artist with the talent and ability to obtain global popularity.

Sylense is a name that in the near future will leave listeners in a state of nothing of the sort. Father to his first son at the age of 19, he refuses to let anything hold him back from his dream of establishing a worldwide presence. Although, after the birth of his son, he made the decision to put his career on hold. Some time after his son's first birthday he revived his music career and is now back stronger than ever. For him, it's not all about the lavish life and reaping the benefits of being an entertainer; it is more about being a voice that is heard and doing what he truly loves to do - making good, meaningful music.

Sylense still is and forever will be a humble artist who constantly seeks the wisdom of pioneers before him to help guide his career to new frontiers. You can find him in clubs and concerts all over Dallas but what you WON'T find is him partying and relaxing with the rest of his peers. What you WILL find is an artist networking, allowing the atmosphere to saturate his mind as he studies the crowd responses to today's music. It has become routine for him to not only LISTEN to what's in the market, but study performances in efforts to maintain a strong stage presence. His understanding of the power of networking has steered him to use his skill in design to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the industry including artists such as Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, and Pitbull to name a few.

Although the women are in love with his attractive and marketable appeal, Sylense has developed enough discipline not to let anything distract him from accomplishing his goal to sign a major record deal. He may have been born in Oklahoma City but the later half of his life has been spent in the streets of Dallas which is where is heart now lives. It is his wish to see music in Dallas thrive and step out of the shadow Houston has casted over the past few years. The pseudonym, Sylense, may very well be an oxymoron in comparison to the desire this ambitious artist has for so many to hear his music and perspective on compounded issues.

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