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Steve Garvey

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Steve Garvey was born in Tampa, Florida. While growing up he played golf, football and basketball, but nothing compared to baseball which was his first love mainly due to the Brooklyn Dodgers. His father drove at one point for Greyhound bus and eventually got a job driving for the Dodgers. This led to Steve Garvey being a batboy for them while only 7 years old. He was a big fan of Gil Hodges. Steve Garvey looked up to him because of his strong, personal beliefs.

As Steve Garvey moved into his teens he became a pretty good baseball player. His last year in Little League he hit .750 with 20 HR's and threw 3 no hitters. He attended Chamberlain High School where he hit .472 his junior year and .465 his senior year, winning the county batting title, and making all-city and all-conference for three straight seasons. In June, just before high school graduation, the Minnesota Twins drafted him, but he did not consider the offer and instead decided to attend Michigan State playing both football and baseball (To read an actual newspaper article on Steve Garvey go to this website ).

Steve Garvey was eventually signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers following the June free agent draft in 1968. He began in Ogden in 1968 and went up and down from the minors to LA between 1969 and 1970 before coming up for good in 1971. He played with the Los Angeles Dodgers until the end of the 1982 season. During his run with the Los Angeles Dodgers he accomplished quite a bit. He was named National League MVP in 1974, played in 8 All Star Games for LA, where he was named MVP of the 1974 and 1978 All Star Games. For the 1974 All Star Game his name was not on the ballot. He was a "write-in" as a starter and for a while it looked uncertain as to his playing because a few days before the game he came down with the mumps. But in typical Garvey fashion he stuck it out and ended up giving the fans their money's worth. He also played in 4 World Series with the Dodgers.

In 1983 Steve Garvey began a new chapter in his baseball career with the San Diego Padres. He played in what for me was a very memorable playoff series in 1984 against the Chicago Cubs where he was named MVP of the championship series. The Padres went onto play the Detroit Tigers in the World Series losing in 5 games. It was while playing for the Padres that his consecutive game streak came to an unexpected end. While sliding into home during a game against the Atlanta Braves, he hurt his thumb ending his 7 year 1,207 consecutive game streak. As a result of this consecutive game streak, he was given the nickname "The Iron Man". He played with the Padres until his retirement in 1987. While with the Padres, he was the only player in the history of the game to have an errorless season at first base. He also played in 2 All Star Games in 1984 and 1985 for the Padres. What a glorious career! He finished witha .294 career average and over 2600 major league hits. He had lifetime averages of .393, .356 and .319 in his All Star, League Championship and World Series games, respectively. He was also a four time Gold Glove winner.

In 1987 Steve Garvey came out with a book and video entitled Steve Garvey's Hitting Sytem, which was designed to help those interested in improving their baseball skills. Since his retirement he has done sports broadcasting for Prime Ticket, hosted Baseball's Greatest Games and appeared in numerous endorsement campaigns. He has been recognized for his unparalleled discipline, commitment and dedication. These distinctions began early in his career and have continued until the present and include Major League Baseball's highest honor for humanitarian service, the Roberto Clemente Award. He has received every coveted award in Major League Baseball for accomplishments on and off the field. Steve Garvey also received the Lou Gehrig's Award for his contribution to Baseball and Society. He has acted in a few movies over the past few years as well as a few TV shows including a hilarious episode of Just Shoot Me in May of 1999. He currently has a website for his business, the Steve Garvey Management Group which helps in the developement and promotion of products and businesses.

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