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Marvis Frazier

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Marvis Frazier started boxing in 1976. He won every amateur tournament with an enviable record of 56 wins and 2 losses. In 1980 he turned pro and established a record of 19 wins and 2 losses. He retired in 1989 after he won a unanimous decision over Philip Brown. In his losses as well as his victories he has stories to tell that deliver strong messages in formats that can bring tears to an audience’s eyes or have them rollicking in the aisles.

He talks very emotionally in relating how his father’s loss to Muhammad Ali was what convinced him to choose boxing as a career. He could have excelled in a football career as well, if he had chosen that avenue to travel.

For more than 12 years he has been a popular member of the Chuck Coulson Prison Fellowship bringing hope to a “tough” audience and he doesn’t just talk and leave. He has corresponded to hundreds of prisoners over the years continuing to offer advice, hope and support. His appearances at Promise Keepers events have been the highlights of their sessions. The death of his young wife a few years ago, being a widower raising two teenage daughters, one who is in cancer remission, have had an impact on his life that gives him a powerful perspective to connect with a variety of audiences. Whether talking to a Christian based group or a secular one, the lessons learned from his life, career, and those around him resonate strongly with his audiences.

He is still an active fighter, but in other places than the ring. He works to motivate the incarcerated, company employees and corporate executives through what he has learned can be accomplished through focus, dedication, hard work, positive attitude, and persistence. Through the Frazier foundation of which he is CEO, he works to instill many of the same lessons to the youth of the community in Philadelphia and elsewhere.

In addition, he helps in the training of fighters looking to have a successful career as a professional boxer. Always following his belief that “It’s not always the stronger or smarter man that wins, but the man who perseveres and tries no matter how hard the challenge. For only a man who remains his own man, is a man that mankind can respect.”

Marvis also oversees the business side of his father’s operation, which includes involvement in licensing, endorsements, strategic alliances and joint ventures. On the horizon that might include a reality TV show, a movie on Joe’s life and a great deal more. Whatever it is, Marvis will be in the middle of it making sure everything is a “knockout” success.

Marvis Frazier has been a success as an athlete, trainer, coach, father, son, minister, and as a motivational speaker. He lives in the Philadelphia area with his daughters, Tamyra and Tiara.

Speech Topics

* Being the Son of a Champion is No Easy Life

* Against All Odds, Success if Possible

* Attitude and Perseverance – Keys to Success

* Faith Comes in All Forms

* There’s More to Life Than You

* Losing is Part of Winning

Marvis Frazier

* Inspirational Speaker

* Strong Motivator

* Incredible Storyteller

Marvis Frazier is a fascinating individual who has had a fascinating life and who talks about it in ways that reach, impact, and influence audiences from every demographic sector.

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