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Ed Hearn

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Ed Hearn has lived that which most speakers can only talk about. When he speaks about becoming "a champion of life" and overcoming tremendous challenges, he speaks from experience. Ten years ago, Ed Hearn was living every young boy's dream. As a catcher for the New York Mets, Hearn won the World Series in his rookie season. But a lot can change in ten years. He was traded the year after winning the World Series. Then, debilitating injuries and three severe illnesses ended Hearn's baseball career -- and nearly his life -- a short time later. Now he's back on top as a highly sought-after motivational speaker! What helped him persevere and make it against all the odds? Gleaming from a lifetime of reaching for the top of life's mountain while experiencing the pits of its deepest valleys, Ed Hearn shares a wit and wisdom about life usually reserved for those much further along in years. Certainly his celebrity status of being a former Major League ballplayer initially attracts many to ask him to speak, but be it young or old, executive or blue collar worker, his audiences walk away remembering him not so much as an athlete, but more as a man who has had a dramatic affect on the way they view their own lives and the challenges they face. They speak of being uplifted and inspired with a renewed spirit of hope and motivation to pursue victory in all areas of their lives no matter what the challenge or adversity.

The amazing story of a World Champion who went from the penthouse to the outhouse and back! Ed is the author of the inspirational book, "Conquering Life's Curves".

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