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Peter Vidmar

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When Peter Vidmar was eleven years old, his parents found an ad in the newspaper for a new, "experimental gymnastics program designed to develop future Olympic champions." The Vidmars brought Peter to the gym and Makoto Sakamoto, the former Olympian who ran the ad, made good on his promise. For the next 12 years (minus four days off for his honeymoon), Peter and Makoto practiced and practiced, and then practiced some more. While his friends rode dirt bikes and surfed, Peter was busy learning and developing new skills in the gym. And as his friends' interests changed with time, Peter remained focused on gymnastics. He had a goal in mind and was determined to achieve it.

In 1984, what began as an ad became a forecast of the future. Peter Vidmar captained the US Men's Gymnastics Team to its first-ever Olympic Gold Medal. He also captured the gold in the pommel horse - scoring a perfect 10. And he won a Silver Medal while becoming the first American to medal in the individual all-around men's competition. His winning performances averaged 9.89, making him the highest scoring US male gymnast in Olympic history.

Today, Peter translates his skills as a leader and motivator into inspirational presentations for Fortune 500 companies looking to benefit from his Gold Medal performances. In addition to his Olympic success, he has numerous NCAA and international titles, an economics degree from UCLA, and experience as a television announcer for CBS. He also serves on the Executive Committee of USA Gymnastics and the Governorís Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for the State of California. In short, Peter is in a category all his own.

Peter now lives in California with his wife Donna, a former UCLA gymnast, and their five children. It probably comes as no surprise that two are competing gymnasts, and a third is a Jr. Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. "So far they all seem to be natural gymnasts," comments Peter. "But hey, if one ends up wanting to play basketball instead, we'll be supportive. There's always room for a good point guard."

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