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Mike Skupin

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You'll remember Mike "Scoop" Skupin from CBS's hit reality show SURVIVOR "THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK". This popular show became the most watched show in the history of television. Mike was the guy who was headed for the winning circle when he tragically passed out into a fire and was medi-vaced by helicopter to the hospital. 5 different burn surgeons told Mike he'd have to have skin graft surgery to repair his hands. After 10 days in the intensive care unit, as Mike was being wheeled to surgery, the chief of surgery removed his bandages and said "I've been the Chief of Surgery in the number one burn center in Australia for 35 years and what's happened to your hands in medically in explainable.

Mike's story is incredibly inspirational about how his hands were miraculously healed and life's lessons he learned in the Outback. Mike talks about how stripped of everything familiar to him including food, shelter, electronics, cell phones, pagers, family and friends, he was able to see so much more clearly the life he was missing out on. Mike is determined to reach peoples souls with a very encouraging and endearing message of faith, priorities, and life's lessons. Mike uses humor, exciting stories, dramatic videos from the Outback and combines them into an adventure story packed with lessons that has the audience on the edge of their seats. His high-energy style of speaking has the ability to place the audience right back in the Outback as he shares his adventures. Mike's unique approach has the ability to hold audiences of any age and is well documented by his programs that range from 20 minutes to 6 hours. Mike has a very unique ability to draw huge audiences, especially for outreach events. Many churches report a 3-4 times increase in attendance when Mike is speaking. His popularity has only increased since the show aired in 2001 as his "post-survivor" events have landed him in the national headlines on seven different occasions. His unique advantage of being able to stir up the media in a town to gather thousands of dollars of free exposure to promote events gives him an edge. He offers free interviews with television, radio and newspapers (both Christian & secular) in every town where he speaks in exchange for promoting the event. His local church was averaging 3,500 people a week and counted over 8,000 the weekend he spoke there. This publicity allows churches and organizations to reach a market normally untapped.

Mike has always been the exception to the rule and has been described as adventurous, a thrill-seeker, and a risk taker. One of four children, Mike and family suffered the loss of his father to cancer when he was only four. But with the support of a wonderful mother and God's blessing, he was successful in school and sports from an early age. However, it was not until college at Western Michigan University that Mike discovered the grace of God. At an evangelistic rally, he realized his need for Christ's mercy and made the most important decision of his life. His career has consisted of office equipment sales, surgical and operating room equipment sales, and serving as a water-ski instructor. Michael co-founded a Christian software publishing and distribution company in 1992 where he currently serves as president. Through creative distribution and downloads, his company has given away millions of free electronic bibles.

Mike's spiritual path unfortunately was much like many others. He wandered through life never realizing his spiritual potential. Mike never really knew how to pray and knew there was more to Christianity than Sunday services and an occasional glimpse through the bible. He always wanted more and knew people that did but he was unsure of how to get it. Now Mike has a full-time ministry where he teaches all ages from seekers and new Christians to Pastors and church staff conferences.

Mike has spoken to over 4 million people at live events and over one billion people through television, radio and print media. He speaks all over the world at schools, churches, youth camps, corporate events, stadium events and has made a lifetime commitment to sharing the gospel. Mike has several messages including; "The Power of Prayer", "Forgiving People Even When You Don't Feel Like It", "How to Have a Real Personal Relationship with Jesus", "Personal Evangelism", and "How to be a Christian in Today's World".

Originally from Farmington Hills, Michigan, Skupin currently lives in White Lake, Michigan with his wife Peni and their four children, Michael (14), Kalyn (11), Emily (5) and Leo (1).

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