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Michael Aronin

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Michael Aronin is an nationally acclaimed speaker who teaches his audiences how to get past personal shortcomings and move forward productively in their careers. Being both a comedian and motivational speaker, he is able to make this difficult topic both entertaining and enlightening.

His outstanding efforts have been recognized by such prominent media sources as ABC TV, CBS TV, NBC TV, Fox Television, The Baltimore Sun, and The Baltimore Business Journal. Michael will captivate your audience and provide them with a new positive outlook on setting and obtaining goals.

As a physically challenged member of the business community, Michael provides a new perspective on overcoming obstacles that goes far beyond "textbook knowledge." Combining his personal experience with existing facts, Michael impacts upon his audiences in a way that lifts their spirits and motivates them to improve their abilities in the workplace without apprehension, while making them smile.

A new view from a fresh and innovative speaker, Michael D. Aronin

Michael Aronin knows two things: he's got a killer sense of humour, and he's got cerebral palsy. But Michael never let his disability get him down - in fact it hardly even phased him. While an undergraduate at Towson State University, he was elected President of the Student Government Association. He went on to be one of the hardest working comics in the country.

Today he spends much of his time lending that considerable wit, and a surprising dose of wisdom, to motivational speaking. Michael feels that his presentations benefit those who are disabled as well as those who are not.

Michael speaks about what it was like growing up disabled in an able bodied world - of the importance of believing in ourselves, of building and maintaining a support system, and of the crucial role humor and attitude can play in our lives. As Michael will tell you, his only disability is losing his hair at an early age.

He offers humor as a way to break down barriers and prove that someone who is disabled can have the same outlook on life as one who is not. Because disabled or not, we can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy. Michael believes that we all face challenges one way or another. You will see in his program that it is not the disability stopping you from achieving, but your attitude towards your own situation.

Michael understands people, and in his presentations uses a rare combination of leadership skills and gentle nudging to help them bring out the best in themselves. He spends every day in mirthful battle with everything from modem "conveniences" to other people's prejudices, and through it all helps us to see the humour and the potential in our own frustrations.


Although few people ever voice their apprehensions about working with disabled staff members, feelings of uncertainty often exist. To rid of this hidden problem, Michael has developed a sequence of steps that provides sound advice on how to work together. Throughout this talk people with and without disabilities will explore ways to create a comfortable and productive work environment. As a result, a great mutual respect and a whole new level of productive cooperation is achieved.


By overcoming personal obstacles, you become more productive at work, at home, and in life. In order to attain this level of self-confidence, you must first learn how to confront your apprehensions. In this presentation Michael enlightens audiences by revealing the secrets to letting go of personal fears. Having cerebral palsy, a physical disability, Michael uses himself as an example to teach audiences how to recognize their own shortcomings which may not be as visible. Combining inspiration with a twist of humor, Michael works with his audience to help them recognize personal potential while they rid of the myths of their own inability.


Give your associates and colleagues a refreshing and entertaining evening of comedy after a long day of meetings. Michael's hilarious performance will have your employees "in stitches." Using your company and its key players as the "best material," Michael will give you a performance that your associates will be talking about for years to come. This performance also works great at luncheons and cocktail parties.

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