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Mark Victor Hansen

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You may know Mark Victor Hansen better as "that Chicken Soup for the Soul guy®."

It's true. The last handful of years has seen Mark and his business partner, Jack Canfield, create what Time magazine calls "the publishing phenomenon of the decade" with more than 60 million Chicken Soup for the Soul® books sold in North America alone.

But the Chicken Soup idea was just one of many that has propelled Mark Victor Hansen into a worldwide spotlight as one of the most dynamic and compelling personalities of our time.

For over 26 years, Mark Victor Hansen has focused solely on helping people in all walks of life reshape their personal vision of what's possible for themselves. From Bangladesh to Birmingham, Mark's keynote messages of possibility, opportunity and action has helped create startling and powerful change in more than 2 million people in 38 countries.

His energy and exuberance travels still further through mediums such as television (Oprah, CNN, Eye to Eye and The Today Show) and print (Time, US News and World Report, USA Today, The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine) as he assures our planet's people that "you can easily create the life you deserve."

When Mark's time is over with an audience, amazing things happen. Desire levels and inner drive increase, self esteem and moral is raised, creativity is stimulated, challenging assignments and situations are approached with a new perspective, and most importantly all these things effect your bottom line. He shows you how to recognize and awaken to the possibility, how to seize the opportunity (no matter how monstrous and looming it may look), and then how to specifically and instantly act so that you aren't just walking away from a "really great speech," but are, instead, exiting with a step-by-step simple plan that will undoubtedly shift your life up.

Mark Victor Hansen has been called one of the "Top 10 Greatest Motivational Speakers." Powerful, life-shifting speakers such as Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn count Mark Victor Hansen as one of the most "dynamic and meaningful speakers" of this age. He's even been inducted into the highly acclaimed circle of Horatio Alger recipients because of the remarkable path of life he's created for himself.

But the acclaim, awards, and droves of fan-mail letters wouldn't be arriving in Mark's life if he weren't capably and effectively keying in on where people sit in their lives and knowing intuitively where they truly deserve to be.

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