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Marion Wikholm

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Marion is a psychotherapist and a professional speaker to individuals who want to think and feel "better" and want to have a good time in the process. She has appeared on and has hosted several radio talk shows. She is the author of a new book, Bitter or Better: It's Up to You! endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Marion holds a Masters Degree in clinical social work from Tulane University and has extensive training and experience in neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy. She has been married for twenty years and is the mother of two children (an intense, hands-on training course to itself).

Presentations and Seminars for associations, professional groups and guest programs in the fields of health, education, business and industry. Presentations and programs include the following:

Bitter or Better: It's Up to You! This insightful, uplifting and humorous program is designed to 'reframe' life's negative events. In practical terms, Marion presents her Bitter to Better formula which includes: methods to develop essential self-awareness, whole -brain thinking, personal resourcefulness and resiliency. She invites participants to transform life's irritants into life's finest pearls. People can learn for themselves...from someone who has been there, done that and is rolling on! (This basic program varies in length from one hour to six hours and is high content seasoned with humor.

Bitter or Better: It's Up To You! The Light Sidea Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you get all wet! A structly humorous presentation intended to help participants laugh in the face of adversity. Marion presents her humorous perspective on being disabled, on being a wife and a mother of two teenagers, on being a psychotherapist, and other paradoxical aspects of life shared by every one. (This program is 25 minutes and is 100% humor)

Turning Stress into Success The intention to find the humor in life's challenges is the thrust of this delightful presentaiton. Life's adveersities can leave us reeling or healing. Marion helps her audience take the steam out of our modern day "pressure cooker" experiences by learning ways to "prevent unnecessary stress: to deal sensibly with current stressors, and to learn ongoing ways to deal creatively with unavoidable stress. (This program varies in length from one to three hours and is high content with humor).

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