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Marilyn vos Savant

To book artists and talent such as Marilyn vos Savant for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
Marilyn vos Savant is best known for her Parade column, "Ask Marilyn," and her many best-selling books. She also is listed five times in the Guiness Book of World Records under "Highest IQ" for both childhood and adult scores. As a lecturer, she speaks out on the subjects of critical thinking and problem solving. She describes herself as best at "synoptical analysis," an approach best applied to problems outside of the scientific disciplines. Her objective is to help people differentiate fact from fantasy and reach the best decisions. Her weekly column appears in 352 newspapers with a circulation of 36 million and a readership of 70 million. Her books include: I've Forgotten Everything I Learned in School!, An Hour with Marilyn Vos Savant & The Power of Logical Thinking

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