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Larraine Segil

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Alliances between companies have become a major strategic tool for gaining competitive advantage in today's business world. Larraine Segil shows how to establish such alliances and make them profitable for all parties. Segil is a popular author, successful international business entrepreneur, and a regular commentator on National Public Radio's Marketplace.

Her popular book, Intelligent Business Alliances, went into a second reprint after being on the shelf only eight weeks. In the book, Segil explains her unique Mindshift method for analyzing corporate and individual personality types which can help managers forecast and avoid problems due to miscommunication or mismatched values. She also offers practical recommendations for building an effective alliance team.

An international business expert, Segil also looks at international alliances and how companies can adapt their management styles to succeed in local cultures. She examines the new reality of competing globally and the critical communications skills needed for success in building bridges between different cultures.

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