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Kurt Muse

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An extraordinary family story about what an ordinary man can do when he has the courage of his convictions. Kurt Muse is the only American hostage to ever be rescued. His story is about his arrest by Panama’s notorious dictator Generalisimo Manuel Noriega and his dramatic rescue from the nine incredible months he spent in solitary confinement in Noriega’s infamous Modelo Prison. A soldier was posted at his cell door with orders to execute him if anyone tried to rescue him. His rescue did come by the US Army’s elite Delta Force commandos who stormed the prison in what was to be the most dramatic rescue in recent military history. America’s finest and bravest warriors fought their way down to Kurt and stole him back to the roof to an awaiting helicopter. It w! as shot down twice! An amazing story in and of itself. Kurt is a master story teller and never fails to leave his audiences standing. He has them laughing and crying with his incredulous tale of adventure, intrigue and heart thumping drama.

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