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Jane Jenkins Herlong

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Jane Jenkins Herlong is a Lowcountry farm girl who went from bare feet to high heels without forgetting - even on an Atlantic City runway - how good that black loamy island dirt feels between her toes... Without forgetting the strange richness of Gullah, an ancient dialect of African origins, on her native John's Island... Without forgetting how to sing her way through a long, steamy day of tomato picking and where the sun sets in December from her perch atop the silo... Without forgetting this-above-all advice from her mother that enables her (and the rest of us if we listen and learn) to make the most of our curious, extraordinary gift of life: "HONEY, JUST BE YOURSELF"

Today, Jane has audiences laughing, singing and celebrating themselves with her as she crisscrosses the country sharing her mother's simple advice that carries such broad implications for our personal and professsional lives.

" BE YOURSELF" is good advice, regardless of your accent. But when you hear Jane roll out her mother's words, you'll probably agree that it sounds better in Southern, with a trace of Gullah laced with Charlestonian.

That's all Jane. And that's the point. She's Southern, She's a dyslexic grammar school "turtle" who earned high honors in college. She's a tomboy who went on to win the Miss South Carolina Pageant. She's a daughter, wife and mother who is also a businesswoman, recording artist and professional speaker.

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