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Half Pint Brawlers

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The original midget wrestling company.

Puppet - The Psycho Dwarf:

Puppet stands 4 foot 4 and Totally Hardcore, there is nothing this dwarf wont do inside or outside the ring. PROOF is in the DVD - Wrestler, Stunt Man, Stand Up Comic, and Professional Drinker - he is an original. Puppet has appeared on many pay per views in the last 5 years beating the hell out of midgets and is honored to have started the Half Pint Brawlers. The one word that comes to mind to describe Puppets demeanor: XTREME!!!!

Madd Mexx - Immigration Sensation:

Mexx stands in at 4ft. 8 in. and is one of the rarest forms of midgets there is. His wrestling technique ranges from Hardcore, to High Flying Luchaa Libra, to even traditional technical wrestling. To this day (SIX MONTHS LATER) one of his ankles hasn't healed right after a balcony jump, but he continues to give it all he's got for the fans. He might not speak a word of English, but this Vato is totally LOCO!!!!

Little Kato - The Dwarf Destroyer:

Kato stands in a 4ft 6in. and is the "grandpa" of the Half Pint Brawlers with 20 years behind his black belt. Kato might not like ya, but ladies he wont tease ya....HE'll JUST PLEASE YA!!!! Kato is known all over the world as "The Master Midget of the Martial Arts"!! SOMEBODY GIVE THIS OLD GRUMPY MAN A STOGIE!!!

Little Justice - The Public Midget Prosecutor:

Justice stands in at 4ft. 4in. and looks to put all midgets in the Slammer!!! Justice doesn't fight fair and doesn't care, because he is the Law inside and outside the ring. ATTENTION LADIES, Justice is ready to put you in his cell and have his way with the 12inch toungue. OOHHH, DRINK ANYONE? Evildoers beware cause JUSTICE will prevail.

Teo - The Tattooed Midget:

"3 foot 8 and ready to mate"

He is the ultimate mini host with the most, is a true midget pimp and is always the life of any party! Teo keeps the crowd jamming, the drinks pouring and the women dancing!

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