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Faith Middleton

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In 20 years of work in print, radio, and television, Peabody Award-winning journalist Faith Middleton has interviewed more than 7,000 people. Her interview subjects have ranged from famous politicians, actors, and musicians, to everyday people. Working hard to expand our understanding of what really constitutes important questions, she asks her guests and her callers such questions as: What would you say in a letter to a relative who has died?; What is your most remarkable encounter with a stranger?; What is in Heaven?; What are all the places that make you feel safe in the world? In her new book, The Goodness of Ordinary People, Faith Middleton writes of the remarkable and inspiring stories told to her by her callers. In reviewing the book, Robert MacNeil, the former co- host of The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour wrote: "Despite the rant and bombast on much talk radio, most Americans are decent, modest, honest, and often brave people. It is Faith Middleton's genius to reveal that on her radio program and in this moving book."

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