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Dr. James Patterson

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If you need a speaker who can motivate, inspire and act as a catalyst for peak performance in your organization, Dr. Jim Patterson is the man of the hour. Jim will have your audience spell bound and wanting more. “He not only holds your attention, but grabs you by the throat, pulls out your heart and forces you to look at it.” (Colonel Holinsky, USAF)

Military and corporate leader, business developer, keynote speaker, author and architect for success, Jim Patterson has risen to prominence through hard work, consistency and shear determination. He will lift you up, make you cry, bring you to hysterical laughter and then swirl you into a vortex of introspection. Jim can easily explain the most technical details of his subject and then spin a “down-home yarn” that touches your heart and “connects the dots” of his message. Once you have heard him speak you will yearn to hear him again.

Jim rivets his audience’s attention with his opening line, “There is nothing in the second twenty years of my life that I am proud of.” From there he craftily weaves the drama of failure and the rise to victory into a crescendo of inspiration. No one can leave without being affected in a powerful and positive way.

Having become a student of positive change and personal growth, Jim became fascinated with the subject of leadership; not so much in the leaders themselves, but that there are far too few of them! With all the leadership books and seminars, why is there such a deficit in leadership? After three years of research, Jim discovered that many people don’t understand the words that are commonly used to describe leadership. Words like character, integrity, discipline, courage and honor are routinely used to define leadership but, as his research revealed, less than 1% of the hundreds of people he interviewed, could accurately define these words. “If we don’t know what the words mean, how can they be assimilated into our lives to affect change? How can leadership be taught or developed if we don’t understand the words we use”? These haunting questions became the platform for his book, A Line in the Sand, A Definitive Study of Leadership. It is this in-depth look at leadership, core values and personal application that keeps the reader’s rapt attention.

Jim has a unique gift to penetrate a person’s heart in such a way that he is never a threat. He never speaks “at” the audience but, rather, becomes one with them. His honest, transparent, yet poignant way of guiding the audience to self-discovery will have every person leaving the meeting dedicated and prepared to become the best person they can possibly be. Jim is a master of the spoken word and will never disappoint his audience.

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