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Dan Baker

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Dan has been a professional speaker since 1973. He is, without a doubt, one of the most "asked back" speakers in the country. He is in constant demand and has hundreds of satisfied clients who love to recommend him. He has spoken to almost every imaginable type and size of audience in thousands of places and situations.

His style consists of a mixture of humor, observation, analysis and genuine substance, reflecting his commitment to the fact that people are good. He believes this goodness can be discovered, released and utilized when people get in touch with their priorities and commit to what matters the most in their life.

He is engaging, funny profoundly insightful, refreshingly down-to-earth. People who hear him never forget him. He has drivers come for miles to hear him again.

Types of Presentations:

Conventions: Keynote and Wrap up - Dan speaks to hundreds of conventions throughout the country. Convention planners have learned that you can put him anywhere on the program and he will either wake them up, keep them going or send them home in a good mood.

Dan does many "big stage" high production presentations to all types and sizes of audiences. He is familiar with and works well with production crews and has in-depth experience with current systems.

After Dinner Talks: Dan is regularly used for anything from prayer breakfasts to award luncheons to banquet galas. He is a survivor of the rubber chicken circuit.

Company Meetings: Numerous companies use Dan year after year, in various slots for their quarterly, semi-annual meetings. He researchers his client companies and is known to do his homework on their current themes so he can speak directly to their "hot button" issues.

Driver Meetings: Many of his client trucking companies will tell you that absolutely nobody can relate to truck drivers like Dan can. His jokes, stories, one-liners and his message combine to create an experience many drivers never forget.

Safety Meetings: Dan speaks to numerous state, national, association and company safety functions, and is know as the one who talks about the People Side of Safety.

Client Meetings: Many companies allied to the trucking industry, all the way from equipment manufacturers to insurance companies, to technology vendors use Dan for their own meetings. Also, they will often sponsor him to speak to their clients, on behalf of the trucking industry or their own services.

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