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Chin-Ning Chu

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In 1949, Chin-Ning was forced to leave behind her family fortune and flee from China to Taiwan. In 1969, with just two suitcases in hand, she left Taiwan to begin her new life in the United States. Today, Chin-Ning is the international best-selling author of the books: Do Less, Achieve More; Thick Face, Black Heart and The Asian Mind Game. Her new book, Woman's Art of War, is due to be released in Summer, 1999. She is the Chairperson of the Strategic Learning Institute and President of Asian Marketing Consultants, Inc.

Chin-Ning is an one-of-a-kind speaker. In her programs, she presents the timeless winning strategies and tactics of the East, teaching that there is no division between philosophy, spirituality, the art of war, business and personal life. She fuses the eternal with the ever-changing, and Eastern wisdom with Western practicality to create a dynamic paradigm for making decisions. Chin-Ning challenges individuals and organizations to discover, embrace, and integrate their intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources to enhance personal satisfaction and corporate business success.

Chin-Ning's work is highly regarded by global media, including such diverse advocates as The Financial Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Business Weekly, SUCCESS Magazine, Asia Inc, The Asia Wall Street Journal, and CNN. She has frequently been featured in cover stories by numerous worldwide publications from the notable international editions of People Magazine, Vogue, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, People's Daily of China to publications and television shows from Peru to Malaysia.

Chin-Ning's speaking style is truthful and humorous while her message is profound and thought-provoking. She addresses issues that are already on the attendees mind. Her advocates have said, "Chin-Ning's speeches have legs. They walk home with the attendees. Good ideas and practical solutions that will stay with them for a long time to come."

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