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Brent Gambrell

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Brent’s story is certainly one we love to hear as Christians, because it paints a vivid picture of God’s grace, forgiveness, and illustrates wholeheartedly what God can do with any life that is surrendered to Him.

Brent’s life as a Christian began at age nine and very simply went downhill from there. His desire for popularity, money and power led him into a party lifestyle that opened up many doors and eventually gave him what he wanted. By age nineteen he had managed to take over the reigns of a “singing telegram” company in Florida which he quickly converted into a “stripping” telegram company. He opened up offices across the entire state while the money rolled in.

In addition to the money…alcohol, drugs and sexuality were very much a part of the lifestyle Brent was leading. Some months his visa bill reflected the fact that he’d consumed up to $750 in alcohol. But it didn’t really matter, for he had become a person of influence, living the high-life and loving every minute of it…or so he thought.

At the height of his success, Brent began to despise what he saw in the mirror every morning. Deep down he hated what he had become and feared what was to come if he continued to pursue his indulgent behavior. The realization of all that he was involved in accumulated into a near nervous breakdown which led him to the steps of the First Christian Church in Tampa, FL.

No one was there at two o’ clock in the morning, but it was at that moment that Brent gave his life back over to God. He immediately shut down the telegram company and began going to a local Assembly of God church where he learned how to worship and “get in touch” with God. Soon after that, Brent moved to Nashville, TN where Two Rivers Baptist Church took him under its wing. They discipled him and placed him on staff for seven years. As a result, Brent considers himself to be Bapticostal.

Since that time, Brent has been passionately telling people about the grace and mercy of God. He reaches out to the lost pointing them to a loving God who loves them right where they are and motivates Christians to get in the Word and feed themselves. “We are to know the truth, not just have information about it,” says Brent, “it’s not the information that sets us free.”

Brent still calls Nashville home and is currently involved in several local ministries. He teaches at Acclaim, a weekly bible study for college students and young adults, and spends his weekends and summers speaking across the country.

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