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Art Turock

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Art Turock is an authority in the field of "breakthrough performance." His ideas have been published in Success Magazine, USA Today, Reader's Digest, The One Minute Manager series, Association Management, and Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work.

A master at turning theoretical concepts into hard-hitting practicality, he has presented to hundreds of major professional associations and Fortune 500 companies. His international experience includes engagements in fifteen countries—including Slovenia, China, and Chile.

At age 26, with an M.A. in counselor education from the University of Florida, he became director of the University of Iowa's "training of trainers" project. He gained leadership experience by recruiting, training, and mentoring trainers from throughout the state. His program design motivated participants to test their limits, and remained a prototype for developing trainers for years afterward.

Motivated by his father's triple bypass surgery in 1983, Art wrote Getting Physical: How to Stick With Your Exercise Program, a book for people who know what they need to do to be physically fit, but lack the motivational tools for consistently making healthy choices. Art later applied these motivational ideas to business and created his Sustaining Exceptional Performance series of training programs and keynote lectures.

Following the "excellence in business" trend of the mid-1980s, Turock undertook an extensive study of business leaders and peak performers that continues to this day. Every year since 1987, he has conducted hundreds of interviews to supplement library research to bring his clients fresh approaches to their emerging business challenges.

His programs reflect the transformation of "change," from continuous improvement of best practices to today's vital need for strategic foresight and reinvention strategies to shape new futures.

As someone who has periodically reinvented himself—from graduate student to training project director, from regional corporate wellness consultant to international speaker and peak performance coach--Turock speaks from first-hand experience.

A standout element of Turock's delivery is his mastery of techniques to re-engage the audience's attention, comfortably interacting with groups of any size. He walks off center stage to get input, uses audience members in demonstrations, and generates playful volleys of one-liners that keep everyone on their toes.

Art's customized material lets the group know immediately: "This isn't canned. This speaker knows our issues and has prepared a message just for us." A pre-program questionnaire for the meeting planners, supplemented by phone interviews, enables Art to select content modules he'll weave together with examples from diverse industries to make points stick.

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