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Ron Jeremy

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Ron Jeremy. His name is synonymous with the porn industry, the glory days of Hugh Hefner, and anything and everything dirty. He is the most popular male porn star of all time, and in his memoir, RON JEREMY: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz (HarperEntertainment) he dishes the dirt on 20 years of Hollywood scandal, the inner workings of the porn industry, and a life filled with celebrities, gossip and international fame.

A born storyteller, Jeremy fills every page of his memoir with salacious stories doused with the light-hearted feel of the free lovin’ sixties. Here is a taste of just a few of the juicy tales. And this is simply the tip of the iceberg.

Jeremy shares:

The ins and outs of sleeping with over 4,000 women. (The book begins with an account of just one film shoot where he took on fourteen women.) The motorcycle ride followed by an arousing shower that led to his nickname the “Hedgehog.” His rules for swinging etiquette and the erotic deeds that took place at Larry Levenson’s notorious swinging club, Plato’s Retreat. The night Hugh Hefner literally “threw him a bone” in the Jacuzzi at the Playboy Mansion. The only time he’s ever paid for sex and how it was Charlie Sheen’s fault. The answers to frequently asked questions about his infamous “member,” and finally lays to rest the question of just how big it is. The never before discussed sexual romps through Howard Stern’s Infinity Broadcast studio and the unlabeled VHS dubs of it still in his possession.

A porn industry icon, Jeremy’s audience has always identified with him because of his average looks and humble personality. Jeremy has starred in over 1700 films, directed 250 of them, and has become porn’s biggest ambassador into the mainstream over the last 20 years. He has appeared in 60 mainstream films, was a consultant on Boogie Nights and 9 1/2 Weeks, has appeared in 14 music videos, was on the VH1’s Surreal Life, starred in the critically acclaimed Pornstar (a movie about his life), and Being Ron Jeremy (a take-off on Being John Malkovich, co-starring Andy Dick.)

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