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Melissa Jo Hunter (Mojo)

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I, MELISSA JO, graduated from Broad Ripple High School with honors and then from IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis) with a triple major (Human Resources Management, Business Management and an International Concentration). Upon graduating I worked for a Technology company selling data storage and e-commerce solutions. I also have worked in the Insurance field as well as originating loans as a loan officer. Yes, it is possible! Beauty and brains! I am currently in the developmental stages of building my companies. One company, Y.A.D.A. (Youth Achieving Dreams Association), was founded on the idea of helping children realize their power within to achieve their dreams and goals. This company is helping children all over the world create their own destiny! Another company I am in the process of building is a clothing and accessory line, We Are All One. I have a 101 goal I try to stay pretty busy! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hopes and dreams become a reality! I am in the in the process of writing screenplays/books and I am also currently pursuing a patent for a device that I have developed! Yep...I got my MOJO workin' overtime!

BODY After the worldwide exposure I gained from Joe Millionaire, I feel I am still the same city girl with a country heart! The only difference is now...everybody knows my name! lol! And if they don’t they will! I was born in Florida on February 21. After only two short years I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana with my family, so I truly am a HOOSIER at heart! I have a beautiful Cherokee Native American Indian mother, a skillful Master Technician step-father (who is my true father in my eyes), an older sister, older brother, older step-brother, and a younger sister. I also have nine nieces and nephews of whom I absolutely adore!

SOUL I feel I am a very intuitive, spiritual person. I am studying what is considered to be some of the highest sciences in the universe. I am taking steps to my own spiritual awakening. I am studying Kabbalah (the ancient wisdom and universal knowledge of how the spiritual and physical systems of life work) and I am very interested in Meta Physics/Hermetics (the inner secrets of man, nature and spirit). I, MOJO, believe that WE ARE ALL ONE! One energy divided... to see our unique beauty. I ask you to find your beauty within! Love thyself first! Find the world within you, and then make the world yours! Be true to who you really are! The secret of life is sharing. Share your time, energy, love, thoughts…or even this have finally found your MOJO!

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