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Ed Alonzo

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Ed Alonzo With his big glasses and mild expression, Ed Alonzo looks more like a young college professor than the country's foremost illusionist, but after watching him perform, it becomes obvious that he is definitely one of the hippest and funniest guys performing magic today. Ed has managed to bring magic a personal approach that no other performer has brought to it in the past. He has combined his talents of comedy, acting and magic together to bring about one of the most entertaining combinations possible. As an actor, Ed has studied the works of great entertainers of the past and has tried to incorporate what he has learned into his own show. It is easy to figure out some of his favorite entertainers just by watching him perform. His glasses reflect Harold Lloyd, his comedy is reminiscent of Groucho Marx and his showmanship is paralleled to that of Houdini. What Ed does is more than just magic, it's visual comedy, the way he presents his illusions has the impact of telling a joke. Although Ed's first love is magic, many people recognize him more as an actor. He can currently be seen regularly on two network television shows. He stars as "Max" on the NBC situation comedy "Saved by the Bell" and can be seen each week on "Xuxa," telveision's hottest new children's variety show, and is currently writing two sit-coms of his own. As if this were not enough, he recently wrote, produced and starred in four commercials for the JC Penny Television Shopping Network. When Ed Alonzo isn't acting on or writing for television sit-coms, magic's number one funny man is presenting his unusual style of magic to audiences everywhere. Whether it be here in the United States or as far away as India, Ed always seems to find a way to cross communication barriers and entertain audiences in a way that is unmatched by other performers.

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