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Ramon Ayala

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Norteno artist, Grammy®Award Winner, and seven-time Grammy® Award nominee Ramon Ayala is one of the most popular and esteemed personalities in Regional Mexican music. In the three decades that Ayala has been an active performer, the innovative accordionist/vocalist/producer/arranger has been at the helm of two of the most successful conjuntos in the history of the genre. Ayala and the late bajo sexto guitarist/vocalist Cornelio Reyna teamed up to form Los Relampagos Del Norte in the 1960's. At the time, Ayala was just 18, and Reyna was 23. In the relatively short period that the group was together, their music would so captivate fans with sensitive, yet powerful arrangements, that Los Relampagos would become one of the most popular conjuntos in modern times. With Reyna as the principle songwriter/vocalist, and Ayala's swift accordion technique and charismatic stage presence, Los Relampagos so solidly stamped their style on the conjunto scene that hosts of younger musicians attempt to emulate them to the present time. Their songs have been covered countless times, and continue to be recorded by many contemporary Latin artists. Ayala and Reyna split amicably in 1971, retiring Los Relampagos Del Norte, and securing their position as one of the most successful and influential norteno groups of all time. Los Relampagos Del Norte were inducted into the Pura Vida Music Awards Hall of Fame in 1997.

Ramon Ayala y Sus Bravos Del Norte were formed shortly after the split. With that, Ayala would again front another conjunto that would imprint its identity on conjunto music, and would itself attain legendary proportions on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border. In 1974, Ayala began his association with Freddie Records. Ayala has recorded for Freddie Records since then, and has become one of the label's premier artists.

In the 30 years that Ramon Ayala has been an active musician, he has recorded over 90 albums. Not one has strayed from the basic accordion and unadorned vocal style that Ayala began with. Ayala turns out well crafted and balanced music, featuring lyrics with universally understood human themes. They're about tragedy, loneliness, broken relationships, almost unbearable longing and pain, and about experiencing love in all its complicated nuances. Ayala's music is nicely rounded out by thoughtful melodies and the soulful, rich vocals of lead singer Mario Marichalar.

Ramon Ayala Y Sus Bravos Del Norte, which also includes Ayala's brothers, Fidencio Ayala (Bass), Jose Luis Ayala (Drums), as well as David Laure (Percussion), and Raul Rosales (Master of Ceremonies), are currently hard at work on their 100th album. This landmark please promises to be something special and will be dedicated to all the fans who have followed Ayala throughout his career. The album is slated to be finished and ready for release in November 2001.

Ramon Ayala always takes care to insure that the material on his albums reflect the excellence that has been his trademark for so many years. Ayala selects material designed to cater to the musical preferences of his fans throughout the United States and Mexico. After all, Ayala's fans have continually supported his music for over 30 years, and Ramon Ayala is a genuine artist who never forgets.

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