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Lucybell began their journey in Chile in the early 90’s. Their success on Santiago college circuit earned them an invitation to contribute two tracks (“De sudor y ternura”, “Grito otoñal”) to a new-artists compilation titled Los Grandes Valores Del Underground.

After a period of composition, the group released its first album, Peces, which quickly reached gold and platinum status. The second single, “Vete,” was chosen Best Song of the Year by several radio stations and its video quickly entered rotation on MTV. From this the group’s radio and television exposure grew and its name began crossing borders. Peces was released in Colombia and Venezuela and Lucybell was given the “Best New Group” award in 1997 by the Association of Entertainment Journalists (APES). The following year, Lucybell played in front of more than 50,000 spectators in the “Festival Rock al Parque” in Bogota, Colombia.

In August 1996 Lucybell presented the first single from its second album, Viajar, as an EP, followed by the full-length album one month later. After the release, the band set out to promote the album with a series of large concerts throughout Chile. After that Viajar was released in Mexico and the band traveled there for 11 shows and television appearances in Mexico City and Acapulco. After a brief rest, Lucybell returned to Mexico in October 1997, this time on a tour that took them to Mexico City, Puebla, Guadalajara, Tijuana and Ensenada. On the final leg of the tour they visited the U.S., where they promoted the release of Viajar with concerts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

At the end of the year the group received the “Best Group in Chile” APES award for 1997 and were invited to play at the Festival de la Canción de Viña del Mar, one of the most important music festivals in Latin America, in 1998.

Lucybell decided to change their approach to recording for their third album. After collaborating with producers such as Mario Breuer and Cocteau Twins guitarrist Robin Guthrie on previous albums, the band took control of the entire production of their eponymous third album. It was recorded in the their rehearsal studio in Santiago’s Bellavista neighborhood, mixed at El Pie in Buenos Aires and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London with engineer Chris Blair (The Beatles, Radiohead).

The release of Lucybell was celebrated with a large open-air concert in a Santiago park, followed by a tour which finished in February 1999 at the Pululahua festival in Ecuador.

With material from their three albums, Lucybell decided to put together a singles disc targeted at countries as yet not visited by the group, which resulted in a set of 12 tracks that span Lucybell’s history from 1992 to 1998. Lucybell Singles was released in Argentina, where the band then embarked on a 10-concert tour

Lucybell then began to change. Two of the founding members decided to leave the group, and so they played for the last time as a quartet on September 17th and 18th, 1999 in Valparaiso, Chile. Then Francisco Gonzalez, the drumer and Claudio Valenzuela, lead vocalist and guitarrist invited Eduardo Caces, who was immediately incorporated into the band on bass.

Production of Amanece, Lucybell’s fourth album, started in November 1999, when Francisco, Eduardo and Claudio began composing for the first time as a trio, and in summer 2000 they entered Estudios del Sur to record.

On this disc, in addition to their usual roles, the musicians undertook additional instrumental work. Claudio Valenzuela continued as guitarrist and lyricist, also participating on keyboards. Francisco Gonzalez tried his hand with success at sequence programming and keyboards, played bass and maintained his place on drums. Eduardo Caces worked on guitars, keyboards, piano and bass and for the first time Lucybell invited a guest musician to record, who accompanied on trumpet on the tracks “Luces no bélicas” and “Esfera.”

“Luces no bélicas” was released as the first single along with a avant-garde digital video directed by Carlos Moena. In June, Amanece was released in the Teatro Oriente theater in Santiago. In October they returned to the Festival de Rock al Parque and launched Amanece in Colombia.

After the excellent reception of Amanece, Lucybell embarked on the recording of a live album that would bring together the band’s greatest hits on one record and a video released simultaneously in September 2001 when Lucybell was celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Sesión Futura included two new songs, “Tu sangre” and “Mil caminos.”

At the end of 2001 the group returned to Mexico and the U.S. to tour and took the opportunity to film the video for “Mil caminos” and play in Vive Latino, the most important rock festival in Mexico. Upon their return to Chile, Lucybell played live for more than 25,000 fans, celebrating Sesión Futura’s gold status.

In May Sesión Futura was released in Mexico and in the Chilean winter the group took the opportunity to launch the video for “Mataz 2002,” recorded during a historic concert in the Estación Mapocho. En September they released their first DVD with images from Sesión Futura as well as music videos and backstage material.

The group worked in parallel on the theme song for the movie Sangre Eterna, “Ver el fin,” which was released with a video directed by the movie’s director, Jorge Olguín. At that time the band initiated one of its most ambitious projects, moving to Los Angeles, from where it launched an aggressive campaign in the U.S., Puerto Rican and Mexican markets. Sesión Futura was launched in the United States and Lucybell stayed three months to tour, playing in such cities as New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana, and San Juan.

The band’s return to Chile in December 2002 was an emotional one and their homecoming show sold out the same day their participation in the 2003 Viña del Mar festival was announced.

Currently, the band is in the US preparing their new album and touring.

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