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They have the sound and the image but there's much more that makes them Total. Routinely labeled as New Jill flava, the trio of talented singers who comprise the group -- Kima, Pam and Keisha - - are down-to-earth sisters who have that little extra that stars are made of: Those who have loved or are in love will recognize the heartfelt sentiment sung over jeep-friendly beats while others may detect an undertone of sistas being strong and saying what they want. In their presence, however, one can't help but notice the close bond that produces some of the tightest harmonies this side of Michael Jackson.

As they chill by bouncing jokes back and forth, coming at ya with rapid-fire humor, it's clear these sisters are comfortable in their skins, and happy with their lot. Bad Boy CEO Sean 'Puffy' Combs (whose also their producer) describes them as: "three lead singers, who each can hold her own. But they have an incredible rapport with each other in the studio which comes across in their music."

"I feel like I was raised twice," Kima explains. "By my mother, who raised me to have morals and then again by Puffy and (their manager) Sybil who taught us to deal with the craziness of this business. If you don't have people to keep you in the right direction you'll be messed up."

Sybil Pennix, their manager/stylist and the person who discovered the group, was also pivotal in the success of MCA artist Mary J. Blige an singer with whom the group is often compared. Others says theyıre like a female version of Jodeci. All very complimentary stuff, but as Pam explains: "It doesn't matter what people say about us, as long as they are talking about Total."

People are definitely talking about them, especially their sensual image and music. Total has given New Jill Flava a special hard candy attitude with their chart topping self-titled debut 'Total'.

"When you hear our music you can't help but feel the attitude with in us." says Pam. "In a word it's Soulfulhiphopghettofunk."

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