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Too Short (Too $hort)

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Todd Shaw was born in LA. His first step into music was when he was appointed the drummer in the school marching band, LOL in 1981 he was living with his family in East Oakland "the studio" was his bedroom, where short and his old-school partner Freddy B AKA Fred Benz, started making rap music history by pioneering a totally unique way of marketing their it worked was anyone who wanted to have their names glorified in a custom-made rap would approach the two young rappers with a "special request" "We would take the order one day and then the next day we'd bring back the tape. It would be a thirty minute tape and you'd pay us $10. Me and $hort would get $5 a piece" Freddy B told The Source in an interview in 1990... they were about 14 or 15 years old when they did this "tape thing".

$hort talking to BAM in DEC. 90 bout his trademark word "biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch" "It started off with us talking on the beginning of the tapes. We'd just talk and say pimp stuff like 'bitch'. The word 'bitch' just kept getting longer and longer. I don't know who did it but one day somebody just yelled it at a party and everybody went crazy" Today rap fans as far away as France will identify Too $hort as "the biiiiitch guy"

in 1985 he recorded his first 12" "Girl" $hort will not master his songs unless he's tested them out on his own car stereo system first.

There once was a rumor.....that Too Short died (1988-89): Too Short talking to BEAT DOWN magazine "I (laughs) kinda helped that rumor. you get famous, you get a rumor. I just finished getting off the NWA tour when those rumors started. My album, Life Is...Too Short sold like 500.000 copies and the release of that rumor made the album go platinum. I heard on radio stations were giving me memorials and telling different versions - I got shot or murdered - it was major. It was so major, I had to make a record for my next album telling people I'm not dead (laughs).

Too short has been producing albums with members of the DANGEROUS CREW, including ANT BANKS, SHORTY B, PEE WEE, SPICE 1, FREDDY B, BABY-D, GOLDY, and MC BREED.

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