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Souls of Mischief

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Perhaps the most well-known clique out of the Hieroglyphic Camp, Souls of Mischief made a name for themselves when they dropped their debut album, 93 Til Infinity on Jive/Zomba Records in 1993. Their 2nd single, and title track for the album, "93 Til' Infinity" propelled them into the hip-hop spotlight in no time at all. Its easy-going, melodic beat, along with Souls' breakthrough rhyming skills, shocked hip-hop heads into a state of total awe. Never before had a 4-man crew rocked lyrics like these. To say the hip-hop nation was caught off guard would be a grose understatement. In addition, Souls of Mischief proved to back up all the shit talking Del had been doing for 2 years about his crew, Hieroglyphics.

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A Lil' History. . . Back when Del was promoting his first album, I Wish My Brother George Was Here, a few members of the Souls of Mischief crew were making various appearances here and there in the hip-hop community. One such example is their cameo appearances in many of Del's earlier videos such as "Sleeping On my Couch" and "Dr. Bombay". In addition, some of the crew, such as Opio and Phes., were pictured in the inside sleeve of the aforementioned Del album.

The Souls of Mischief crew consists of 4 members: Tajai, Opio, Phesto and A-Plus. Perhaps the crew's greatest asset is their diversity in styles. Tajai's quick and cunning verbals are way above other Mcees outside of the Hieroglyphic Imperium; Phesto flips verses with the aid of Jedi mind tricks among other things; Opio's distinctive voice and entirely too clever verbals make him a worthy adversay to any Mcee who challenges him; and A-Plus' production skills coupled with his unique method of flipping up verbs makes this Oakland-based crew, a force to be noticed in the hip-hop world.

Forming back when they were in high school, the Souls of Mischief crew met via friends introducing each other to friends. They formed, as Del would say, by "natural selection" and it has been on ever since.

With the experience of 2 albums behind them, an international tour that spread all the way to Japan, and the knowledge of how record labels truly work, the Souls of Mischief are heading into the future with their course already mapped and plot. Although their sophomore effort, No Man's Land didn't fend too well with many fans, the crew is poised to take over hip-hop once again with the forthcoming "Family Album". In addition, their underground demos as well as their various vocal contributions on other Hiero albums are enough to fend off fans for awhile. One thing is certain: Souls of Mischief is a crew not to be phucked with in the hip-hop world. If you doubt this, step and try to contest their styles; I wouldn't advise it, however.

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