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Kris Kelli

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Kris Kelli is the new kid on the block. The latest addition to the FiWi Music / Jamaica Records roster is a humble eighteen-year old out of Jamaica with a confident and rhythmic voice. Kelli's debut single, 'Hide Away', clearly demonstrates the strength of her talent.

The tale of her discovery can be likened to a Disney movie. An avid karaoke singer, Kelli's fate changed one Friday night in Kingston, Jamiaca following the performance of a Nelly Furtado song.

Having sung 'Turn Off the Lights', the MC announced that Chris Smith, Furtado's manager, was in the house. Whether it was the initial shock or the utter disbelief of such a coincidence, it wasn't until she was approached by Smith and singer, songwriter, and producer, Yogie, that she realised something significant was happening.

Impressed by what they had heard during the live karaoke demo, Kelli was signed to the FiWi Music / Jamaica Records within weeks and Yogie had his young protégé composing lyrics for her debut single on the 'WHO DAT' rhythm.

Inspired by her father's passion for singing and the vastness of his musical appetite, Kelli has always been encouraged by her parents' support. As the only female on the current roster, Kris Kelli draws inspiration from other female artists including the late Aaliyah and Nelly Furtado whom she says, she admires 'for her unique style of singing and her creative writing'.

About being a member of the FiWi Music / Jamaica Records family Kris Kelli says: “it's a pleasure as we share a common interest and all the members are like brothers and sisters. They are very supportive, genuine, caring, talented and willing to share their knowledge and expertise with me.”

In August 2002 she opened for the Manhattans, the Stylistics, the Temptations, Cuba Gooding Sr., and Millie Jackson at the Summer Soul Jam Concert solidifying her decision to take her talents to the next level.

Kristen Kelli-Ann McGregor, is a natural who has merely begun her journey in the pursuit of a musical career.

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