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Kevon Edmonds

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There's something about Kevon Edmond's voice. A certain tone, a sublime familiarity way beyond the singer/songwriter's work as a lead vocalist in the hit trio After 7; and, beyond Milestone, the supergroup he augmented, which scored the 1997 hit, "I Care 'Bout You," from the film "Soul Food".

Releasing his first solo album titled, "24/7," in 2000 Kevon re-introduced to music a soulful ingenuity, dynamism and grace. He continues to sing with an emotional verve that finds its targets every time. And, it is his smooth distinctive tone that sets Kevon apart from other artists, and his intuitive, heartfelt approach that immediately captures the attention of music lovers around the world.

Kevon hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, and a family that has become legendary as a result of the talent it bred: Kevon, his brother, Melvin, (also of after 7), and the hitmaker, Kenneth "Babyface".

"I grew up listening to some of everything," Kevon recalls, "But especially the good stuff, Stevie Wonders, Gladys Knight, the Temptations, you know , the classics".

Too shy to sing in the church choir, Kevon sang to himself, "for my own satisfaction," until his teen-aged years, when he joined his buddies in the junior high and high school choirs.

However, it was while attending Indiana University that Kevon's musical ambitions truly began to blossom. The I.U. Soul Revue, an extensive course on music theory, performing and music business, made him seriously consider music as a career.

Indeed, it was Kevon who founded the group After 7, corralling brother Melvin Edmonds and I.U. classmate, Keith Mitchell, to sing the occasional set of R&B covers in local clubs. When they were ready, Babyface and then production partner, Antonio "L.A." Reid, got the trio signed to Virgin Records, and a hit spree ensued.

After 7, the group's 1989 debut, multi-platinum LP, with sales exceeding 1.5 million units, produced the radio-ready hit singles, "In The Heat Of The Moment," "Ready Or Not" and "Can't Stop." In 1991, the group scored with the hit single, "Nights Like This" from "The Five Heartbeats," actor/director Robert Townsend's movie about the rise of a doo-wop group. Subsequent After 7 LPs, 1992's Taking My Time, and 1995's Reflections, both achieved gold status, during which time the group, via concert tours and numerous TV appearances, established itself as a mighty performing unit. The group's legacy in urban music and the development of Kevon's prowess as a vocalist is aptly chronicled on 1996's The Very Best Of After 7.

The trio went on to hiatus just about the time Babyface was looking for real singers to join his functional group called "Milestone," for the Edmonds Entertainment box office hit, and motion picture classic, "Soul Food." He recorded brothers Kevon and Melvin, and siblings K-Ci and JoJo from the R&B group Jodeci. The result was 1997's stirring ballad and instant hit, "I Care 'Bout You," which the group also performed in the movie.

However, Kevon was never far away from the studio. He contributed background vocals to Shanice's self titled album, released by LaFace Records in 1999, and assisted his brother as a choir contractor, assembling just the right voices for studio session choirs. Among them, the voices that graced the monumental 1999 Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey duet, "When You Believe," from the animated Dreamworks epic, "The Prince of Egypt."

His own CD, "24/," released in early '99, was hailed by most critics, and helped to establish Kevon as a much sought after, and respected solo artist.

"I'm blessed to be able to do this," says Kevon. "Being solo presents a special challenge, it's all on me now, but nurturing this phase of my career is a labor of love. I'm definitely up to the challenge. I mean, this is what I do."

"Love Makes Things Happen" is Kevon's first theatre production, and he's certain to mesmerize theatre goers across the country.

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