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The Heit

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A unique blend of female and male vocals, known to be the “best” in Atlanta, Georgia, have come together to form a mixture of solution that makes the Thermometer rise to the hottest temperature all over the Continental United States. That mixture is called “Fahrenheit”. This dynamic group has been in existence for over fifteen years. The group has always taken pride in being an R&B “Show Band”. This group will not only dazzle you with their perfect smooth rhythmic vocal talents but they will have you gasping for breath as you watch them entertain you with their superb choreographed dance routines. Currently the group consists of three singers, four superbly talented musicians a sound engineer and a Manager/Promotions director.

The Headliners of Fahrenheit

Ms. Stephanie Walker, affectionately known as “Baby-Doll”, is an accomplished female vocalist who sings lead and background. She will soothe all listeners with her dynamic sound. She has been singing professionally for over 12 years. This polished attractive female adds her hip-hop swing and is the choreographer for the group.

Mrs. Tabitha King, affectionately known as “Lady-T, comes to the group from Charlotte, North Carolina. She has been a member of the group for six years. This dynamic multi-talented female has no limitations on her vocal range. She has been singing professionally for over fifteen years. Lady-T leaves you wanting to hear more. Her smooth rhythmic sound and attractive stage presence has you captivated through mind body and soul.

Drakkar Landers, known as “Dr. Dre”, is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He has been singing professionally for over twelve years and has been a member of Fahrenheit for three years. Dr. Dre’ will soothe all the fans with his electrifying ballads that leave everyone breathless Dr. Dre’ is crowd pleaser and motivator.


Mr. Roy Hill, (keyboard player extraordinaire), is the Musical Director of the group Fahrenheit. His eighteen years of experience in the musical arena are evident as his talents are visible in the musical arrangements and expressions that leaves crowds amazed and astonished by the collective musical sounds of the Fahrenheit band.

Mr. Eddie Crane, (Sound Engineer), is an often sought after engineer who travels throughout the United States to engineer for top R&B entertainers throughout the music industry. Eddie has taken pride in the unique sound in which he has produced for Fahrenheit.

Raymond “Sky” King, (Manager, Promotions Director, & CEO of the group), is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel who has worked managing and promoting R&B groups for over 25 years.

Fahrenheit is the hottest Live Entertainment ticket in Atlanta. This group has shared the same stage with top artists such as Roger & Zapp, Regina Belle, Lakeside, Keith Washington, Bobby Womack, The Temptations, The Barkays, and Howard Hewitt. This R&B show band, who has a musical resume that is unlimited, stands poised and ready for any & all challenges in the music industry.

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