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Fatlip / Fat Lip

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Fat Lip has never been afraid to reveal who he really is and what he really thinks, even at his own expense. His revelations on herpes, transvestite run-ins and other hilarious stories from his days in the Pharcyde have many thinking he’s a little strange or under the influence of something besides hip-hop. Known to rock a show in a diaper or Speedo, or hang upside down in a video, Lip will always push the envelope when it comes to expressing himself. A self proclaimed nerd, Lip has used his shortcomings, weaknesses, and obsessions as fodder to drop rhymes with a unique style of wit and self-depreciation rarely seen in the macho world of hip hop. The Loneliest Punk, the title of his forthcoming project on Delicious Vinyl Records, will showcase the mad styles and brutal lyrical truths of the one and only Fatlip, a/k/a Edy Crahp.

The original working title of the solo record, Revenge of The Nerd, reveals a desire by Lip to get re aquatinted with his true self. “There were circumstances that made me think I was someone else. I was looking for a new direction, because I couldn’t understand what was happening to our music. I was heavily into east coast rap, and I thought my group was wack because we didn’t sound like Biggie or Wutang. Later on I realized that we were just being ourselves. Tre was singing because that was what he really wanted to do. On Lip’s first solo single “What’s Up Fatlip?” he lets loose on a stark self-portrait of a once famous MC on the skids. “Feelin’ down trodden, fresh kid turned rotten can’t believe how naďve that I’ve gotten over the years seems like I’m getting dumber reminiscin' to a time when I was younger with a hunger…"

“I was 22 when we first got signed. When the second album dropped we went around the world, there were girls everywhere… we weren’t really trippin’ off of our record sales or anything because we were getting paid on the road and livin' it up. When you’re doin' well and being pampered, especially being that young, you never think your success will run out. People would see me on the bus or at the bus stop and were shocked. They’ve seen me on MTV… I’m Fat Lip from the Pharcyde and I’m on the bus. They didn’t understand, but that was a lesson for them. “

The Loneliest Punk documents the 4 year odyssey of Lip's re entry into the rap game. Lip's journey is more akin to an old blues artist than your flossy rappers of the day. With his poignant and thought provoking tales of real life in "Worst Case Scenario", and the gut wrenching breakup with his baby’s mama as told in "The Story of Us", Lip is once again trailblazing a new strain of the game. Call it...Hip Hop Blues. He also drops dazzling, insightful, hilarious lyrical tapestry's on his rapid decline. "I'm Kinda Played," and "What's Up Fatlip?" reveal the trepidation's and insecurities of an over-the-hill emcee. But as you'll hear and feel on this record, those anxieties are a bit premature.

Lip delivers a healthy dose of his signature Pharcyde wit and humor on the freestyle romp "Here Comes the Lip" and mixes his unique style of stark honesty with a comical sense of timing on "Cook" and the sing-along "What Cha Gonna Do". A hilarious collaboration with Shock-G and Humpty-Hump called “Freaky Pumps” will be another stellar jam on the album. Though he’s moving forward with his life and his career with the long-awaited release of Theloneliest Punk, Fat Lip continues to ponder about the past and his younger days.

“When you’re younger you don’t care about a lot of things because you have the future ahead of you. At a certain age, it’s like damn maybe I’m not gonna achieve all of those dreams I have. The older you get you realize the less chances you have. When you’re young, the world is open. When you’re around kids, its worse cause you see them and realize how much you’ve changed and how the world has gotten to you. I think, maybe I’ve run my course. I’ve had my time, and now there’s younger kids coming in. I would quit, but what else am I supposed to do? Become a lawyer? Go to med school? No. I gotta rap. I might as well go make my sign now – Will Rap For Food.”

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