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Fresh from the lush Jamaican countryside, this Reggae Songbird is ready to SOAR!

She honed her vocal skills entertaining guests at some of the top resorts on Jamaica's North Coast.... a collaboration with mega producers Steely & Clevie brought about the hit single "Heartbreak Hotel" (on the Studio 2000 "Bad Weather" Rhythm). With the release of the instant classic “Lately” and featured spot on the Eight-7-6 albums RUSTIC (“If You Want It”), Skasmatic (“Feel Like Dancin”) and RetroRespeck (“Here I Am Baby”) Evette has come into her own and is looking forward to expanding her horizons.

Evette grew up in Jamaica strongly influenced by the music of such singers as J.C. Lodge, Judy Mowatt, and the legendary Marcia Griffith. As a little girl she charmed friends and family with her sparkling eyes and astounding voice. Even then, it was obvious to all that she had a love for music. Singing along with the radio gave her confidence and made her a quick study, both valuable skills on the hotel circuit.

Listening to her wrap her voice around melodies like "Lately", "Misleading", and "If You Want It" from her upcoming debut album- it’s apparent that her passion for music has only gotten stronger as she's grown. Now, this young woman with the sparkling eyes and voice to match is set to charm the world!

Evette had a great 2004 with her phenomenal Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest and Night of Serious Vibes performances. As Evette readies her CD debut for its Spring 2005 release, her breakthrough single, a cover of Fanatasia's "BABY MAMA," is set to tear up the radio airwaves and dancehalls worldwide. Evette will be performing at a number of upcoming concerts and festivals this year giving electrifying performances that set the standard high for each stage she graces.

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