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DJ Swamp

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SWAMP has been a DJ for more than 15 years and he took the title of USA DMC CHAMPION in 1996, his very first year involved with the contest.

Known for his turntablist antics (including breakbeats, scratching, juggling, and destroying LPs and vinyl without ever losing the beat), Swamp can turn a a simple dj show into something more than words can describe. In concert he's been known to cut himself with shards of shattered vinyl records, scratch a diamond-tipped phonograph needle across his tongue and blow fire, occasionally with calamitous results. "I had to go to the hospital in Phoenix recently with second-degree burns," Swamp said from his publicist's office in New York. "I lit my hand on fire and then blew fire on it and basically became a blow torch. I don't use fire retardant or anything because this is low budget. Dude, I'm just a fire retard."

As a solo artist and DJ, Swamp, who recently issued his debut hip-hop disc, Never Is Now, is even more dynamic. Onstage, huddled between a pair of turntables, his unkempt long hair, black polished fingernails and aggressive antics make Swamp look more like a death metal dude than a DJ. And with his wild eyes, perpetual scowl and scraggly beard and moustache, he could easily take home a Severed Head trophy in a Charles Manson lookalike contest. And that's just fine with him." Being sinister is kind of the common thread to everything I do," he said. "There's a lot of different styles, but it's all about the creepy music and the phat beats. I'm probably the hip-hop equivalent to Rob Zombie." Like Zombie's latest, Never Is Now is filled with dramatic rhythms, chilling moods, disturbing sound bites and apocalyptic imagery. The single "Ring of Fire" begins with a creepy organ scale redolent of gothic horror films before latching into some eerie keyboard patches, old-school hip-hop beats and hard rapping. (excerpt taken from MTV Article11.14.2001 by Jon Wiederhorn)

Swamp will wreak havoc on tour with Tomahawk through the end of the year.

Also, Swamp has appeared in the pages of Rolling Stone, Spin, Subculture, Raygun, Mean, DJ Times, Keyboard, Rap Sheet,DJ Times, Mixer, Rap Pages, The LA Times, and Urb. Urb magazine says "Witnessing Swamp torture the 1200's is like watching a magic show".

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