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Nobody Can Do It Like DJ S&S. With the recent interest in DJ's turned artists and producers, the former DJ for rap superstars Jay-Z and Foxy Brown, DJ S&S is the premier choice.

The strong national sales of his homemade mix-tapes and work as the nation's leading club and party DJ up and down the East Coast and in Chicago, has resulted in a dedicated fan base second to none.

"HARLEM WORLD ORDER" contains DJ S&S's hit single "Beat of the Day (Throw Ya Hands Up)" which features B.B.O. (the rap group that spawned superstar MASE). In addition to B.B.O., the "HARLEM WORLD ORDER" full length album features hot new tracks from such Hip Hop artists as O.G.C., Tragedy & Imam Thug, Big Bub, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler, DJ Red Alert and more. Also "HARLEM WORLD ORDER" presents the recording debut of the next generation of Rap Stars such as Self, Knowledge the Pirate and China White.

With relentlessly Hot club and radio tracks as well as blazin' street joints, DJ S&S proves on his debut album "HARLEM WORLD ORDER" that Nobody Can Do I Like DJ S&S!

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